Improved understanding of the need for balancing conservation and development is a priority for better application of mitigation policy. We work with a wide range of national and global stakeholders to improve knowledge of how effective implementation of policy can support progress towards biodiversity targets. We engage governments, civil society, financial institutions and business to build national capacity for developing mitigation actions.

We have hosted and continue to run webinars and training sessions for interested people from around the world. We have produced detailed training materials in several languages, including 20 training modules which we continue to develop for public use. These events and materials are aimed at practitioners from government and the private sector. They are particularly suitable for government planning and licencing authorities, including those involved in policy development. This approach has allowed us to mentor individuals as they develop national policy, including mitigation guidance. Industry partners, including national infrastructure agencies and commercial businesses, have benefited from tailored engagement and support through training sessions and ongoing discussions. These have helped build national capacity in project countries to improve biodiversity outcomes from development.

Training resources will be placed on the COMBO website shortly.

Partner training resources include the IUCN IMEC videos.